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There has been an re-awakening of the organization. Now under new leadership, also working with original founding members. We are moving in some new directions, with the original principles and values intact; citizens rights, fighting for liberty, justice and supporting sensible issues and policies.

As Texan Citizens we want to know what’s you your mind? What are the issues that you see as important and need addressing? Please give us your input to help move this organization in a direction its members and supporters deem important.

One of the directions we are moving towards is education. Using a platform of presentations and workshops in orders to inform people about the political process, issues we are looking at and information on different political philosophies. Hosting speakers, authors and political figures, in some cases outside the center of mainstream thought. If you have ideas for speakers please let us know.


Meet the Team

Chuck Young

Founding Board Member

Clay Dafoe

Secretary Board Member

Johno Burton

Executive Board Member

Luca DeBow

Treasurer Board Member